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MESCO is the construction equipment dealer that can handle all of your service needs. We'll make sure your new or used construction equipment is repaired properly.

We offer over 20,000 square feet of service floor, a fleet of GPS tracked, internet connected, fully equipped service trucks. Welding, electrical, diesel and gas engines, fuel injection, hydraulic systems, and hydraulic hoses built at your site are within our ability. Be sure you read about "The Guardian Service" for the best preventive maintenance program in the industry. Call us toll free 801-619-2806.

About the Guardian

"The Guardian" preventative maintenance program is full of innovative features not found in other programs. The "PLUS" program offers GPS tracking that keeps track of your construction machine every hour of the day. You do nothing but make money with your machine. With internet access you can track your machine's location, time on location, and run time. The Guardian will notify you by email if your machine ever leaves the jobsite. Never worry about stolen equipment again. Additional features include service records, machine condition/inspection reports, OSHA operator certification, half price on travel mileage, and of course quality maintenance by factory trained service technicians.

Service Rates

Technician Labor Rate (minimum $100.00)......................$90.00
Field Service Travel Mileage (per mile/per round trip).......$3.00

Service Tips

Dirty little secret - engines hate dirt. Did you know that less than a teaspoon of dirt can totally wipe out the piston rings in your engine? Silica (dirt) is a great lapping compound. When an air cleaner becomes plugged with dirt the engine has to work harder. It needs air to combust the fuel. If it can't get air it starts to smoke out the exhaust. It lacks power. If the air cleaner is block with dirt, the engine sucks air in anywhere it can. It sucks through loose hose clamps on intake joints, through air filter element seals, and even through holes sucked open in the element itself. Regular air filter service is a must. It is not uncommon for a filter to clog in less than eight hours on a dusty job site. Use the filter condition meter on most all air filters to determine when to change the filter. The meter is color coded by how much restriction (vacuum) is present by colors green, yellow, or red. Change the filter before it reads red. When you need a new filter always call us. We feature quality BALDWIN filters.

Hydraulic fluid is expensive. One off the best ways to lower the maintenance cost of construction equipment is to properly manage hydraulic fluid. Here are the steps to proper management:

  1. Keep it clean - Keeping hydraulic oil clean is a every day job. Dirt ingression comes from leaking cylinders, motors, dirty hydraulic tank vent filters, mechanics that open the system to change a hose, or add oil without cleaning the exposed area. If you eliminate the ingressed dirt to a system, your filter has an easier job of keep the oil conditioned to the proper particle count designed for the system. A well-managed wear analysis program can assure the filter is changed at the proper interval to maintain proper particle count.
  2. Keep it cool - Hydraulic oil hotter than 140 degrees is a real killer. Hot oil increases oxidation that breaks down the additives in the oil. Hot oil hardens the rubber seal in the components of the system. When seals loose flexibility they leak. Leaks create heat. The more leak internally or externally you have the hotter the oil gets until the designed cooling system can no longer cool the oil to specification. Steam clean your equipment. Keep the thick layers of insulating grease and dirt off the radiators, coolers, tubing or hoses, and the reservoir. Air circulation is vital in the cooling system.
  3. Don't change the oil - You may be dumping perfectly good oil down the drain. Always sample the oil the pm prior to the oil change interval. A good oil analysis will determine whether the oil needs replacement. In many cases the new oil is dirtier than the oil in the tank.
  4. Consolidate the oils you use - You may have machines that use the same oil but you don't know it. Oil companies use different names for the same oil. Always find out the ISO or SAE specification for all oils you use then consolidate the like specifications.

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